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About Us

About Sunmax Energy (M) Sdn. Bhd.

SUNMAX ENERGY is the innovative solar module manufacturer and solutions supplier. SUNMAX distributes its solar products and sells its services to commercial and residential customer base in United State, Thailand and Japan. Sunmax Energy mainly focus on customized small solar panels and medium size solar panels in different shapes, sizes, power outputs according to client's specific needs

What is more, It has a good knowledge of MPPT charging circuit of small solar panels and shimmer charging circuit. SUNMAX products have unique competitiveness by continues innovation and optimization.

Our Manufacturing Plant​

Located in Penang, Malaysia, Sunmax has a PV-Mounting System Manufacturing Plant with over 4,000 square meters space and with annual production capacity of 3.0 GW.  All products are stringently manufactured in accordance with ISO9001-2015. 

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Company Culture


To provide the most compelling value in the solar energy industry. Value, as defined by our customers, means designing and installing the highest quality solar energy systems, on time, safely, with high customer satisfaction, at a low cost.


By providing unparalleled value, we will greatly accelerate the adoption of solar energy systems.

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